17 I 12 I 2013

Publication of a book and interactive archeological atlas in Marseille in partnership with the French National Institute of Preventive Archeology (INRAP)

100 people gathered this last Tuesday at the Marseille City Museum for a conference that unveiled the results of all latest archeological digs conducted in Marseille, and announced the publication of a book entitled « When archeologists rediscover Marseille » and of a multi-media atlas dedicated to the City, both of which were developed by the INRAP (French National Institute of Preventive Archeology) with the support of Constructa Promotion.

On this occasion, Marc Pietri reiterated how essential it is for Constructa, as a community conscious developer, to support this type of preventive archeology. To learn and focus on the history of a site and its environment is paramount to building the future.

You are invited to visit this online Archeological Atlas by clicking on this link.